LT alumni Dr. Angel Pazurek and Dr. Suzan Koseoglu have co-authored a new publication in EdTechnica: The Open Encyclopedia of Educational Technology. Angel and Suzan began collaborating on numerous projects during their time together as Ph.D. students in the LT program and have continued to do so. Angel is now a faculty member in LT, and Suzan is a faculty member in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at the University of Greenwich in the U.K. The title of their joint article is Phenomenology, and it introduces this contemplative approach to study, better understand, and inform learning experiences and educational practices associated with technology. They position phenomenology as both a philosophy with practical implications as well as an educational research methodology.

EdTechnica is an open initiative launched in 2022 and led by Dr. Royce Kimmons, an Associate Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University. This new, peer reviewed encyclopedia "is a living volume that provides an entry point for learning about the educational technology field and that evolves over time with additional contributions and resources. Representing the perspectives of educational technology researchers, instructors, designers, developers, and practitioners throughout the world, it includes short, focused articles on foundational topics ranging from learning and design concepts to emerging technologies to policies shaping the future of educational technology."