News Highlights

Hossam Halaweish

My name is Hossam Halaweish, and I am an undergraduate student studying biology at the University of Minnesota (UMN). My studies have also included undergraduate coursework in the Learning Technologies (LT) program.


LT Faulty Bodong Chen, PhD student Xinran Zhu and PhD student Hong Shui presented a paper Socio-Semantic Network Motifs Framework for Discourse Analysis at LAK22: 12th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference. 


Dr. Yeng Chang, alumna of the LT Ph.D. program (2019), recently participated in a panel presentation titled, "The Intersection Between Technology and Equity" and hosted by the Teacher Educator Technology Integration (TETI) initiative in CEHD. This panel session focused on the opportunities technology provides for creating more equitable experiences in K-12 and higher ed classrooms. The three panelists brought a wide range of experiences using technology as a force to interrupt inequitable practices.


LT's Dr. Angel Pazurek has been appointed as the country director for the midwest region of the United States for the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL). HETL is a professional organization serving the global higher education community through thought leadership, professional development, global advocacy, and peer-to-peer learning.