Faculties and Staff | Learning Technologies


John Bartucz 

Teaching Specialist 

John Bartucz is a Teaching Specialist and Ph.D. student in Learning Technologies. He has a master's degree in computer science and one in secondary education. He currently teaches several classes in the LT department. His research interest is in learning how K12 students can use data science to increase social justice in their communities. To know more about John's work, please visit his personal website.


Boreum Kim

Collaborative Research Associate

Dr. Boreum Kim is a Researcher in the Learning and Technologies Collaborative. She joined LTC in 2022 and works in collaboration with its K12 research-practice partner school districts. Her research background is in students’ motivation related to academic achievement, social emotional skills, and parental/family goals. Her current research focuses on students’ motivation in online learning environments.


Angelica Pazurek

Teaching Associate Professor

Dr. Angel Pazurek leads the Learning Technologies undergraduate minor program and teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses. Her scholarship focuses on critical digital pedagogy and learning design in adult and higher education. Her current research interests include learner engagement in online environments, the use of social media for connected learning in online college courses, and international initiatives in open and distance learning. Angel serves as the country director for the midwest region of the United States for the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association. She also serves on the board of directors for the Association for Educational Communication and Technology, is an associate editor for eLearn Magazine, and is a member of the editorial advisory board for the Asian Journal of Distance Education.


Lana Peterson

Lana Peterson

Director of Community Engagement

Dr. Lana Peterson is the Director of Community Engagement for the L+T Collaborative (LTC). She is a community-engaged scholar with one foot in academia and another in K-12 teaching and learning spaces. Her research interests include equitable K-12 computer science education, online learning, and technology integration. She leads LTC's research practice partnerships with local school districts to solve mutual problems of practice. In addition to her work with K-12 schools, Dr. Peterson serves on the steering committee for CSforAll Minnesota, supports professional development for online school leaders with the Minnesota Department of Education, and co-leads the K-8 workstream for the Minnesota Technology Association.


Cassie Scharber

Associate Professor

Dr. Cassie Scharber the Director of the L+T Collaborative, and the Assistant Dean of Professional and Online Education in the College of Education and Human Development. Her research interests span the fields of learning sciences and literacy including areas of technology integration; computer science education; (critical) digital literacies; and online teaching and learning. She is committed to community-engaged projects and scholarship. With her LTC colleagues, she engages in long-term research-practice partnerships with K-12 schools in Minnesota. Cassie is also a recipient of the Bonnie Westby Huebner Chair in Education and Technology.