Learning + Technologies Collaborative


The Learning + Technologies Collaborative (formally LT Media Lab) is a research and professional development center located in the Curriculum and Instruction Department at the University of Minnesota. Our work spans across PK-12 in and out of school educational environments, pre- and in-service teacher development, and evolving forms of literacy within technology. We serve as Research Practice Partners (RPP) with school districts, libraries, educational cooperatives, universities, non-profit organizations, and businesses in the areas of:

  • Technology integration
  • Computer science education
  • Online and Distance Learning
  • Blended and flexible learning

Our approach

We are driven by relationships and believe the best work happens through long-term partnership models. The Learning + Technologies Collaborative utilizes the Research-Practice Partnership approach, a specific type of collaboration between universities, schools, and organizations. The RPP model is based on trust and honors all perspectives on the team equally. RPPs focus on mutual, persistent problems of practice that are jointly negotiated. Example problems of practice from our previous work includes ‘how to create equitable district pathways for computer science education?’ or ‘how to promote personalized learning environments within an elementary education setting?’ The RPP team of representatives from district and university then co-create programs, professional development, and data collection to rapidly inform practice. 

Check out our partnerships page to see how we have previously partnered with districts and organizations.


The L+T Collaborative has a variety of partnerships (funded and not) with districts and organizations across the state and country. However, we must prioritize partnerships that fund our time and work. We operate like a non-profit organization within the University of Minnesota system and funding comes from grants, foundations, corporate funders, and organizational investments. Funding goes towards paying for staff capacity, travel, supplies, and operating costs. The L+T Collaborative often seeks out funding with RPP partners through local and national funding sources.

We are keenly aware of the budgetary pressures that organizations and districts are under. We are hyper transparent in our costs and can work with your organization on finding project scope that is affordable if you choose to invest.