Undergraduate Minor | Learning Technologies



In the Learning Technologies undergraduate minor program, students develop expertise and leadership in using online technologies and digital media to promote learning, collaboration, and creativity in their career field and daily life. They also gain a critical understanding of the social, cultural, educational, and professional impacts of these technologies. The Learning Technologies minor is a valuable and marketable complement to any major program, and it draws students from across in the University.

This program of study focuses on the development of digital literacy, digital citizenship and activism, as well as digital leadership. Coursework integrates conceptual knowledge about these issues with technical skill in designing creative web content, digital writing and web publishing, and collaboration in online communities. Students learn to develop a personal learning network, to curate a professional online presence, and advocate for social justice issues such as digital equity and inclusion. Courses in the minor are relevant and personalized to each student’s interests and goals, and they are offered online to be convenient for today’s busy students.

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