At the annual meeting of the Literacy Research Association in Tampa, Florida, Cynthia Lewis, Cassie Scharber, Anne Crampton (St. Olaf College), and Maggie Struck (Hamline University) presented a symposium, with co-authors of Yolanda Majors, Deb Ingram, and Fan Ouyang.
The symposium was titled, “The Bright Stars Project: Understanding Youth Engagement in Critical Digital Project Within and Across Complex Learning Environments.” This symposium focused on settings where youth engaged in learning that involved digital technologies: schools, public libraries, and community organizations. Findings suggest that youth engage in learning when they have chances to produce with technologies, circulate their work, represent their identities, and take up agentive stances to engage in social justice. Such findings underscore the need to understand settings that effectively make use of digital tools in learning for youth within urban communities.
The Bright Stars Project is sponsored by the William T. Grant Foundation.