LT faculty Dr.Angelica Pazurek recently published a book chapter "Social media for connected learning and engagement in online education." in the book Learning: Design, engagement, and definition. 

This chapter presents the findings of a phenomenological research study that explored the use of social media in an online college course and its impact on learners’ experiences and feelings of engagement. Findings suggest that social media has the potential to positively impact learner engagement with instructional support and when it is elevated from merely an entertainment source to a productive source for connected learning. This includes uses for communication as well as creative expression within and beyond the class.


Pazurek, A. (2021). Social media for connected learning and engagement in online education. In B. Hokanson, M. Exter, A. Grincewicz, M. Schmidt, & A. Tawfik (Eds.), Learning: Design, engagement, and definition (pp. 137-145). Springer.