Big congratulations to our new faculty member in LT, Professor George Veletsianos for being one of the top 2% of scientists in the world in this recent study:

The Center for Open Education Research (COER) is an international research consortium that was established in 2018 in order to increase international collaborative research projects, furthering innovation and understanding in the areas of open education, educational technology, lifelong learning and international education. Additional top scholars in open ed include Aras Bozkurt, Melissa Bond, Paul Prinsloo, and Olaf Zawacki-Richter.

Dr. George Veletsianos has been designing, developing, and evaluating digital learning environments for nearly 20 years and his research agenda focuses on three strands: (1) design, development, and evaluation of online and blended learning environments , (2) the study of learning experiences and participation in emerging online environments, and (3) learning futures. To know more about Dr. George Veletsianos' work, please visit his website: