LT's Angel Pazurek received a special invitation from the Lindahl Academic Center for Student Athletes and the University of Minnesota Athletic Department to the Gopher football game on September 11, 2021 against Miami (Ohio) University to honor her work with student athletes. Pazurek leads and serves as the faculty advisor for the undergraduate minor program in Learning Technologies, which includes core courses on digital literacy, leadership, and activism. LT offers numerous sections of these online courses each semester, serving thousands of University students over the last decade. And these courses are taught by LT's talented and innovative doctoral students and faculty, including Pazurek.

Student athletes often enroll in LT's online courses, not only because of their convenience but also because of the relevance of their content. Demanding practice and travel schedules make LT's online courses an ideal option for Gopher athletes who are also deeply committed to achieving their educational goals. Technology knowledge and skills are vital for student athletes pursuing all majors and programs of study, especially considering the increased popularity and utility of social media and various platforms they can leverage for communication, networking, and learning.

Before the Gopher football game, Pazurek was able to meet several players that have taken and enjoyed her classes. She also met and spoke with Coach P.J. Fleck and spent time with the Lindahl Academic Center counselors and interns who support student athletes in the football program to meet their educational goals. They discussed the synergy between instructors, counselors, and student athletes that can thrive when they work together and build relationships based on a shared understanding and shared goals. The Learning Technologies program looks forward to continuing to support University of Minnesota student athletes, including those in the Gopher football program, and building rapport with their counselors to ensure academic success.