Learning Analytics and the Changing Landscape of Higher Education

Speaker: Dr. Alyssa Wise

Bio: Dr. Alyssa Wise is Associate Professor of Learning Sciences and Educational Technology at New York University and the Director of NYU-LEARN, NYU's pioneering university-wide Learning Analytics Research Network.

Abstract: Learning Analytics leverages new forms of data and data science methods to help us better understand and improve how we engage in teaching and learning. As higher education enters a changing landscape of remote, blended and hybrid instruction, the attraction of data-informed decision-making is high. But what kinds of things can (and can't) easily available data tell us? What insights can investment in more sophisticated analytics produce? Equally importantly: How can we (instructors, students, advisors, administrators) use this kind of information to make better choices in how we go about teaching and learning? What considerations need to be taken into account at an institutional level in order for such efforts to be successful? Drawing on the rich ecosystem of learning analytics we have built over the last five years at NYU, I will address this collection of questions as a starting point for teachers, learners, leaders and all members of the university community to consider the ways that analytics can be of value to them in their educational pursuits.

Time: 07/28/2020,  10am - 11am 

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