SciGirls Code kicks off!

The SciGirls Code project officially kicked off with a session and advisory board meeting at the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) conference in San Diego (July 11-14, 2016). LTML’s Cassie Scharber is a Co-PI on the project.
The SciGirls Code project is funded by NSF’s STEM + Computing Partnerships (STEM + C) program. SciGirls Code is a two-year project which uses the principles of connected learning with STEM outreach partners to provide 160+ girls and their educators with computational thinking and coding skills. We are developing curriculum centering on three tracks—e-textiles and wearable tech, robotics, and mobile geospatial technologies; role model training for female technology professionals; professional development for STEM educators; and a research component that investigates the ways computational learning experiences impact the development of computational thinking as well as interest and attitudes toward computer science.
For more information about SciGirls, please visit the SciGirls website!