Scharber presents at LRA Conference

Cassie Scharber recently presented at the annual Literacy Research Association conference in Nashville, TN. Scharber participated in a paper session and an alternative session.
The paper presentation was titled, “Transforming the object: Social critique through documentary film production in a community-based media organization” and was authored by Scharber, Cynthia Lewis, Kris Isaacson, and Tracey Pyscher.
The alternative session was organized by Drs. Amanda Godley and Kelly Puzio and was comprised of a panel discussion and break out group conversations. This session focused on “Obtaining Grant Funding for Literacy Research.” Scharber was a panel speaker along with colleagues from The Ohio State University, The University of Colorado Boulder, Vanderbilt University, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, The Spencer Foundation, and the Institute of Education Sciences (IES).