Scharber, TPT, NGCP, & Benedict receive grant from DML’s Playlists for Learning Challenge

The Digital Media and Learning Competition has awarded funding for its Playlists for Learning Challenge to the SciGirls Code project.
This new playlist project is a collaborative effort between TPT, the LT Media Lab, the National Girls Collaborative (NGCP), and Heather Benedict.
From the announcement:
The Playlists for Learning Challenge, the sixth and final Digital Media and Learning Competition, has awarded eleven winning projects a total of $700,000. Winning projects will scale connected learning content and experiences to diverse local and digital audiences through the development of innovative learning playlists that close the opportunity gap and help learners succeed in today’s connected world.
Winners include youth-serving institutions, non-profit organizations, museums, libraries, school systems, and universities committed to developing and scaling connected learning playlists that can provide viable pathways to higher education and employment. Representing diverse approaches to connected learning, winning projects engage youth through a wide range of issues. These include digital citizenship, creative career readiness, urban agriculture, environmental science, computer programming, music, arts, and other interests highly relevant to youth and life-long learners.

The SciGirls Code project (#1543209) itself is funded by NSF’s STEM + Computing Partnerships (STEM + C) program. SciGirls Code is a two-year project which uses the principles of connected learning with STEM outreach partners to provide 160+ girls and their educators with computational thinking and coding skills.
For more information about SciGirls, please visit the SciGirls website!