Scharber leads #engchat to discuss iPad Invasion into English Education (April 1, 2013)

Please join Cassie for an #Engchat on Monday, April 1 from 7-8pm EST/ 6-7pm CST focused on iPads.

To date, there is an iPad initiative or pilot program occurring in every state within the U.S. Similar to technological advances before them, iPads are being touted as the latest and greatest tool to be used in K12 education. Amazingly, they have only been in existence for 3 years. iPads were first released by Apple in January 2010 and were immediately heralded, questioned, and discussed by many as the next technology gadget to potentially transform education. What does this iPad invasion mean for English teachers?
Potential Discussion Questions and Topics

• Identify pros and cons to using iPads for English teaching and learning
• Discuss technology integration into English classrooms (iPads, laptops, …)
• Explore expanding definitions of literacy
• Share iPad resources for teachers and students

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