Paul Oh of the National Writing Project presents on Connected Learning

On Friday, October 10th, Paul Oh gave a presentation at the University of Minnesota entitled, “Connected Learning.” Paul Oh is a Senior Program Associate for the National Writing Project in partnership with the Macarthur Foundation. His work is focused on new media and digital literacies, in formal and informal learning contexts. A former classroom teacher and journalist, Paul has organized, led and been involved with numerous connected learning efforts that live at the crossroads of writing, making and education, most recently the NWP’s Educator Innovator initiative.
After the presentation, a working lunch was held for a smaller group of youth educators from around the state to share in conversation about collaborations, connections, and opportunities to work with each other.
Miss the event? An archived video of Oh’s presentation is viewable below or online at
This event was co-sponsored by the Emma Birkmaier Critical Literacy and Urban Education Speaker Series, the Learning Technologies Media Lab, the Minnesota Writing Project, and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Minnesota.
Presentation description: Consumption is a national pastime. But so, as it turns out, is creation. From YouTube to Instagram to Minecraft, young people are gravitating to these platforms, creating identities, sharing their passions, and collaborating with others. How do we make sense of this media-infused landscape for young people and how do we leverage the accompanying interest-driven, production-centered ethos, fueled by the open web, for learning? In response to these questions, the National Writing Project, particularly its Educator Innovator initiative, has been interrogating, implementing, and disseminating knowledge about a set of design and learning principles oriented toward the pathways young people today engage in on a daily basis. These Connected Learning principles form the foundation of a movement taking shape, a movement that recognizes learning happens for young people as part of an ecosystem of which school is one node alongside libraries, museums, and informal opportunities — a movement we are all invited to co-construct.

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