LTML and C+I Co-Host Visit by Dr. Mimi Ito

Dr. Mizuko (Mimi) Ito recently visited the University of Minnesota and was hosted by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and the LT Media Lab.
Dr. Ito offered a research workshop for the department’s graduate students and presented a talk on connected learning. She discussed her “ongoing research on interest-driven and digitally-enabled learning, and described connected learning, an approach to realizing longstanding progressive goals of education by leveraging today’s technology.”
A panel conversation followed Dr. Ito’s presentation and addressed local efforts to connect youth through digital learning spaces within the Twin Cities. Four panelists participated: Lanise Block (The Digital Empowerment Academy + Minneapolis Public Schools), Alyssa Costopoulos (Createch Studio in Saint Paul Public Library), Simon Insook (Saint Paul Neighborhood Network), and Alison Link (University of Minnesota + Open Twin Cities).
Thanks for visiting, Dr. Ito! It was a pleasure to have you on campus – we learned so much from you.
Insights from Simon (youth panelist) on his experience:
“I really enjoyed the experience of being on this panel. I enjoyed meeting the other panelists and learned to be more comfortable in a conference setting. The speaking got easier for me once I got started, which proves that I’m getting better. Also, I learned that adults really want to know what goes on in kids minds and what they think about these topics.” (SPNN Blog)
More info about Dr. Ito:
Dr. Ito is a cultural anthropologist of digital culture and an advocate for connected learning—learning that is youth-centered, interest-driven, hands-on and social. Decades of research on geeks, gamers, fans, activists, and artists has convinced Ito that kids learn best when they are pursuing things they care about with people who get and inspire them. Ito pursues research and educational change as the Research Director of the MacArthur Foundation funded Digital Media and Learning Hub at the University of California Irvine. She is the MacArthur Foundation Chair in Digital Media and Learning and Professor in Residence at the University of California, Irving.