Miller invited to join American Architectural Foundation Design for Learning Council


Dr. Charles Miller has been invited to join the Design for Learning council of the American Architectural Foundation (AAF). Miller will present “Place from space: The role of design in building physical spaces to afford transformative learning” on October 28 at the inaugural gathering of the council in Washington DC.

Building on nearly a decade of work with schools and school districts through AAF’s Great Schools by Design, the AAF is excited to launch its newest education initiative, Design for Learning, which aspires to elevate the role of design as a catalyst for innovation in education.

The AAF is dedicated to the vibrant social, economic, and environmental future of cities. In the past decade alone, AAF has worked directly with local leaders through more than 500 city engagements. During this time, AAF has served every major metropolitan region and most second-tier cities in the United States. All told, it has provided design leadership training and technical assistance to hundreds of elected officials, public-private partnerships, education leaders, business leaders, and other key local decision makers in the design process.

The impact of AAF’s efforts is visible in the local design leadership behind hundreds of projects across the United States, ranging from brownfield remediation to waterfront redevelopment to downtown corridor revitalization.