LTML heavily represented at the ATS showcase

LT and LTML were in full force at the University of Minnesota’s Academic Technology Showcase. Our faculty, staff and grad students shared how they are using technology to drive innovation in teaching, learning, and research at UMN.

Charles Miller (Co-Director, LT Media Lab), Luke Lecheler (Developer, LT Media Lab), and Susan Rose (Professor, EPSY) showcased AvenueASL and AvenueDHH, innovative e-assessment systems for postsecondary American Sign Language instruction and K-8 reading and writing development for deaf/hard-of-hearing children.

Nesrin Bakir and Jennifer Cherry presented “Creating Student Engagement in Online Learning Environments”, showcasing a technology tool that can facilitate student engagement in online learning environments.  They presented VoiceThread, a collaborative, multimedia tool, and demonstrated how it is utilized to create authentic learning experiences that engage students through voice, text, images, and video in online courses.

Angel Pazurek presented one of the more popular LT undergraduate course, CI 2312/4312: Sex, Drugs and the Internet, an immersive exploration/critique of the advantages and risks associated with society’s pervasive use of the Internet, the dangers and strategies to combat them as well as the Internet’s potential for teaching and learning.

Congrats to Charlie, Luke, Angel, Nesrin, and Jennifer!