LT shines at AERA 2014

LT faculty and students were well represented at the recent American Educational Research Association Conference (AERA 2014) in Philadephia this past week.
  • Bright Stars: Technology-Mediated Settings as Pathways for the Engaged Learning of Urban Youth: Symposium chaired by Cassie Scharber.
    • “How Can I Make That?”: Teens Helping Teens Use Technology Within a Public Library System: Paper presentation by Cassie Scharber & Kris Isaacson (LT PhD student)
    • Texts, Critical Talk, and Technology: A Classroom Setting That Inspires: Paper presentation by Tracey Psycher & Cynthia Lewis
    • Learning Media Skills Through Addressing Local Issues: A Technology-Mediated Community Organization Gives Youth Voice: Paper presentation by Cassie Scharber, Cynthia Lewis, Kris Isaacson, & Tracey Pyscher
  • Designing for Learning Engagement in Remote Communities: Narratives from North of Sixty: Paper presentation by Aaron Doering and Jeni Henrickson (LT PhD student)
  • Evaluating Teachers’ Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge (TPACK) Using an Instructional Scenario: Roundtable session by Suzan Koseoglu (LT Phd student), Aaron Doering, and Cassie Scharber
  • The Layers of Authenticity: Designing for Learner Experience: Paper presentation by Aaron Doering, Charlie Miller, Lucas Lecheler (LT PhD student), and Jeni Henrickson (LT PhD student)