LT @ EdMedia 2013

EdMedia 2013
LT PhD students Sonny Andzenge, Kris Isaacson, Sarah North, and Jeni Henrickson at EdMedia’s closing reception.

LT and LTML were well represented at the EdMedia conference in Victoria, BC, Canada, this week, with five presentations to an international audience of education and technology professionals. This annual conference is focused on research, design, and development in the learning technologies field.

Kris Isaacson, An Investigation into the Affordances of Google Hangouts for Possible Use in Synchronous Online Learning Environments

Sonny Andzenge and Sarah North, Experiences of a Faculty-Driven iPad Integration Initiative in Teacher Education

Jeni Henrickson, Aaron Doering, & Charles Miller, Toward User-Driven Adventure Learning: Combining Inquiry-Based Adventure with Technology-Enhanced Learning

Aaron Doering, Charles Miller, Cassie Scharber, & Jeni Henrickson, Capturing Intersections between Education and Sustainability Worldwide

Aaron Doering, Jeni Henrickson, & Charles Miller, Designing for Learning Engagement in Remote Communities