Doering to lead team on expedition across Iceland beginning February 24

Beginning this Friday, January 24, LTML co-director Doering will lead a team across 137 miles of wilderness from the north of Iceland to the South. The team is comprised of Doering, LTML creative director Jeni Henrickson, Centennial High School teacher Chris Ripken, and videographer Matthew Whalen. They’ll climb over 2600 feet on their first day out to reach the Icelandic highlands, where winds commonly blow at 40 mph and up. They’ll then begin a trek by ski and snowshoe across an untamed and uninhabited landscape filled with desert, jagged peaks, volcanoes, ice caps, and hot springs.
Their mission? Document stories en route focused on how we find strength and purpose in an increasingly fragile, interconnected, and stressed world. The team will visit schools and talk with residents in several Icelandic communities before and after the trek, learning about the social, economic, and environmental innovations spawned on this island of fire and ice, and how people adapt and find purpose even amidst constant change.
Modern technologies, including drones and virtual reality, will enable the team to capture the adventure, land, communities, and stories in extraordinary ways, and share the journey online in real time with students, teachers, and the general public. Schools around the world have access to the free online learning environment with activities and resources focused on science, technology, geography, and culture. There are also collaboration and interaction zones for students, a learning zone for the general public, and a free student management system for teachers.
This journey will take Doering and his team across challenging terrain, not easily accessible in winter. Their final destination is the capital city of Reykjavik.
Follow along online at and on Twitter and Instagram with hashtag #choose2care.