LT Feature Student: Fan Ouyang

Background and Current Interests:
I am a second-year PhD student in the Learning Technologies program. My research centers on emerging educational and learning technologies and online social learning. My current research project focuses on adopting mixed-methods to explore students’ online learning processes in order to examine instructors’ applications of TPACK in online teaching practices.
Before coming to the University of Minnesota, I worked as a lecturer for six years at Central South University of Forestry and Technology (CSUTF) in China. I have a MA degree in Computer Software and Theory and a BA degree in Computer Science and Technology from Changsha University of Science and Technology. I have taught computer foundation courses in face-to-face contexts in China and in online contexts in the United States. Currently, I teach and research issues related to online teaching and learning in higher education. I also have expertise in web and app design.
I have enjoyed the communication, collaboration, and research opportunities created within LT’s courses and seminars, which have resulted in opportunities to present research at international conferences and co-author journal manuscripts. You can find more information about me at my personal website:
Future Directions:
In the future, I will apply for a postdoctoral position. For my career, my dream is to become an independent researcher and freelance educator. I am open to whatever life gives to me. I think the most incredible magic of our lives is that we don’t know what we will get in the next moment. Therefore, I enjoy my life full of challenges and opportunities; and I enjoy myself being open, brave, creative and wise.
Interest in LT program:
The diverse, interdisciplinary and innovative features of LT Media Lab drew me to the Learning Technologies program at the University of Minnesota. My favorite quote is by the distinguished author, Anaïs Nin, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to your courage.” I enjoy challenges in my life and the LT Media Lab has the similar philosophy. It creates opportunity, change, and innovation in educational, social, and environmental fields.
About the LT PhD program:
A robust, energetic, and diverse group of scholars comprise the LT PhD program at UMN. There are currently 40+ PhD students enrolled in our program (full- and part-time) whose backgrounds reflect an array of interests including business, K12 education, software development, non-profit, health, government, and communications.