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Doering & PhD candidate Henrickson publish in Canadian Journal of Learning & Technology

Dr. Aaron Doering and LT PhD candidate Jeni Henrickson have published an article, “Designing for Learning Engagement in Remote Communities: Narratives from North of Sixty,” in the Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology. The paper offers a brief history of educational initiatives in remote Arctic communities, focusing on: 1) the importance of traditional knowledge, 2) the role of Indigenous culture in school learning materials and activities, and 3) how and why technology might be used to enhance and preserve traditional knowledge, language, and culture. The authors share implementation examples of one design model, adventure learning, which has successfully engaged learners worldwide in remote and urban communities alike. The paper concludes with design principles for engaging learners in remote communities through a focus on reflective presence, interaction, educator support, and simplicity of design. These principles are illustrated with a narrative centered on the design of the North of Sixty┬░ online learning environment.