Taiwan’s Cheers magazine features article on LTML director Doering’s recent visit

LTML director Aaron Doering recently traveled to Taiwan where he delivered keynotes at several leading universities. Cheers magazine — a publication devoted to the topic of work, the workplace, and professional lifestyles for young people — featured an article on Doering’s Taiwan talks. The text of the article is translated below. Many thanks to Yen Ping Ho for the translation!
Photo caption: Innovation, starting as early as possible! US Asia renowned expert in innovative education Doering (Aaron Doering, pictured right rear) set up a “Learning Technologies Media Lab” to encourage students to serve as geographers, open the door to adventure, explore, solve the global warming problem.
Article title: Innovation and Creativity
Last October the well-known education expert Aaron Doering pointed out, in the team collaboration era, every team member needs to have an exploring spirit, venture out, have personal experience, sharing experience in the public platforms, this way the innovation progress can continue.
At the University of Minnesota, the Learning Technologies Media Lab he established is an example. To understand global warming, he created a team with students, professors, and Internet environmental research groups; encouraged everyone to be a researcher to study the impacts from their own backyard. Social media platforms encourage the three millions students to explore, take challenges and research, and share their learning. With information consolidations, the globe is connected together.
To have the real experience, the seeds can only germinate in the real environment, so it’s not disconnected from reality. Learning from failures and risks are the ways for your own achievement and personal character building. Aaron reminds us not only the education system needs to encourage and embrace challenges and exploring, industry also has urgent need for this spirit.