Doering’s Changing Earth team completes 170-mile Arctic expedition to inspire global action

University of Minnesota professor and adventurer Aaron Doering and his team completed a trek of more than 170 miles over three weeks to learn about and document the challenges in the North around the changing environment. The team endured bitter and unpredictable weather conditions and treacherous terrain as they skied and snowshoed, pulling large sleds over 200 lbs each with their gear and technology. They traveled between the Inuit communities of Arctic Bay and Pond Inlet in the Canadian Arctic, crossing the Borden Peninsula and Arctic Ocean to reach Pond.
“The reason I do these Arctic expeditions is not only to capture the traditional knowledge of the Inuit elders, but to promote global awareness of the challenges the North is facing and to inspire action.” – Aaron Doering
The team documented the entire journey in photos and video, conducting interviews with local community leaders, families, and youth; posting content daily on the expedition website at http://www.thechangingearth.com and using the #choose2care hashtag to inspire followers to take action. The team also conducted online communications in real time with students and teachers around the world and to push for global change.
“I couldn’t be happier with how the expedition went. It truly is a challenge out there but my team did an amazing job. We were able to successfully cross this region of the Arctic, and we brought attention to the struggles and potential solutions to issues in the North – everything from food insecurity to the impact of climate change.” – Aaron Doering
Doering, who is director of the Learning Technologies Media Lab at the University of Minnesota, will embark on a total of eight expeditions over four years to remote regions of the Arctic and the Tropics. These regions are facing some of the most rapid and widespread environmental and sociocultural changes on Earth. The goal of The Changing Earth is to combine an inspirational physical adventure with a shared educational one. Participating schools have access to a free online learning environment with activities and resources focused on science, technology, geography and culture.
Check out all the updates, photos, and videos from the expedition at http://thechangingearth.com/expedition1