CEHD Research Day 2015

LTML showcases projects at annual CEHD Research Day

Each year, the College of Education and Human Development, of which LT is a part, hosts a Research Day to highlight the impact of college research on our lives. This year, LTML showcased a variety of the projects being developed and researched at the lab. These projects include the latest advancements in online classroom learning, video-based engagement tools, and adventure learning programs. The LTML presentation included multimedia engagement that allowed attendees to see, hear, and directly interact with the latest and greatest LTML projects.
Projects on display included:
A unique adventure learning (AL) environment that provides learners with the opportunity to become explorers pursuing answers to their own questions, and to then share their findings with the world.
The Changing Earth
Harnessing the power of adventure, storytelling, the arts, and modern tech to educate learners worldwide about sustainability, resilience, and the role of traditional knowledge in STEM education. We offer an engaging, standards-based curriculum for K-12 classrooms, along with unique online and mobile platforms and tools for learners and adventurers worldwide.
A mobile app in development that allows adventurers everywhere to share stories direct from the field.
Bright Stars
Grounded in activity system theory, this study closely examines the complex features of nine high-quality school, library, and community-based learning settings that position low-income, urban youth as knowledge producers and meaning-makers through the use of technologies. Our purpose is to determine what makes high-quality settings work well in order to inform both within and cross-setting practices, fuel potential collaborations, and enable us to better support urban youth. Funded by the W.T. Grant Foundation.
Females are severely underrepresented in the field of computer science. LTML is developing partnerships, hosting educational events, and creating pathways to shift this imbalance. One example of this work is a partnership between Minneapolis Community Education, Austin Public Schools, and SciGirls of Twin Cities Public Television. The partnership is an exchange of curriculum, tools, support to get girls engaged in technology.
The LT Media Lab supports school districts and organizations across the state in a variety of facets to support technology integration. These partnerships are all customized to support the needs of all stakeholders and tailored based on the scope of the project. While each partnership looks different, generally we work with districts and organizations through long-term sustained professional development, certificates, additional licensures, MEds, workshops and events.