Bright Stars: Technology-mediated urban settings as pathways for engaged learning

Bright Stars is a new research study from LTML that will examine the complex features of high-quality school, library, and community-based urban settings in the Twin Cities. Such settings position youth as knowledge producers, meaning-makers, and creators of their own learning through the use of technologies. Typically, these settings function independently with little knowledge and few strategies shared across settings about how best to engage youth in learning. Yet, scholars of “connected” learning and “pathways” for learning argue that learning develops across multiple settings, informal and formal, and that both settings are in need of close examination. Our study will focus on these three primary settings to examine youth engagement in learning in order to improve practices within similar settings and to inform practices across settings.
This study, directed at LTML by Dr. Cassie Scharber, is a collaborative project with Dr. Cynthia Lewis, Emma Birkmaier Professor in Educational Leadership, in the University of Minnesota Department of Curriculum and Instruction.
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