AgCultures Expedition 1: The Mighty Mississippi Is Underway!

Beginning in 2017 and continuing through 2020, the AgCultures team, led by Doering, will undertake a series of expeditions that capture extraordinary stories about the future of agriculture from scientists, farmers, and technological innovators around the globe. Teachers have access to a free AgCultures online learning environment and STEM curriculum tied to issues the team is exploring, along with a free classroom management system. The curriculum and activities included in the AgCultures online site will grow with each new expedition. Students worldwide can Take It Local and share their own story as they work online alongside the AgCultures team investigating the world’s food puzzles.
The focus of the AgCultures expeditions are the various forms of agriculture that connect the United States to places around the world in a complex and dynamic web of flows that includes commodities, livestock, products, energy, ideas, finances, and people. AgCultures Expedition 1: The Mighty Mississippi is now underway, following the production and flow of major grains (corn, soybeans, wheat) from the Upper Midwest down the Mississippi to New Orleans. The AgCultures team will visit farms, board tugs and barges, and capture a wide range of stories tied to agribusiness as they make their way down the Mississippi.