LTML’s AgCultures team heads to South America Nov 5

How are we feeding the more than 7 billion people on Earth? Join LTML co-director Aaron Doering and the AgCultures adventure learning team as they undertake a series of worldwide expeditions to investigate the latest technologies and innovations in agriculture. The field team, led by Doering and including LTML creative director Jeni Henrickson along with videographer Matthew Whalen, heads to South America November 5!
The AgCultures team has been traveling from the farm fields of the Midwestern U.S. to cities and remote villages worldwide, capturing extraordinary stories about the science, culture, and future of food. They are talking with farmers, scientists, and tech innovators who are transforming lives and the planet.
Along with stunning videos and live updates from the field, teachers, students, and the general public have access to a free online education site that explores fascinating facts about the many facets of agriculture. Students worldwide can even Take It Local and share their own story as they work online alongside the AgCultures team investigating the world’s food puzzles.
Educators have access to a free online multidisciplinary curriculum tied to issues the team is exploring, plus a free classroom management system. The lessons and activities included in the AgCultures site will grow with each new expedition.
AgCultures Expedition 1: The Mighty Mississippi followed the production and flow of major grains from the Upper Midwest down the Mississippi to New Orleans. The AgCultures team visited farms, boarded tugs and barges, and captured a wide range of stories as they made their way south along the river.
For AgCultures Expedition 2: South America, the team is heading to Paraguay and Argentina! Despite its small size, Paraguay has the third largest barge and river system in the world. In its Chaco region, it houses the highest ratio of cows to people found anywhere. Argentina also has a thriving cattle industry, along with being the third largest soybean producer in the world. The team will explore sites ranging from cattle ranches to sunflower plants, from the biggest dairy farm in South America to the small family farms found in remote regions of the Pampas.
Follow along live as AgCultures introduces you to the many faces and facets of agriculture. Then sign up, get involved, and dare to take it local, generating the next mind-blowing innovation in helping feed the planet.
Led by a team of education, agriculture, and technology professionals at the LT Media Lab, University of Minnesota, with support from the CHS Foundation, we are global leaders in adventure learning.