Pazurek and Feyissa present at Academy of Distinguished Teachers Conference

Angel Pazurek, instructor, and Solen Feyissa, PhD candidate in LT, presented last week at the Academy of Distinguished Teachers conference held at McNamara Alumni Center. The theme for the conference was “Making Sense of Educational Innovation: Finding What Works for Today’s Students.” The title of their presentation was “Enhancing Human Elements of Online Learning through Social Interaction,” and it centered on pedagogical innovations in online teaching and learning being implemented in LT’s dynamic online courses. Pazurek & Feyissa discussed an approach to online course design that shifts the focus from merely organizing content to more meaningfully fostering social engagement in order to create more authentic online learning experiences. They demonstrated practical strategies and learning activities that promote social presence and opportunities for conversation and collaboration among online learners.
The Academy of Distinguished Teachers is a program of the Office for Academic Affairs and Provost that promotes excellence in teaching and learning. Its mission is to recognize and celebrate teaching excellence, to foster the continued improvement of teaching and learning at the University of Minnesota, and to strengthen the resources necessary to do so.