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Daily Life

Today was a particularly special day spent visiting with local families and learning about everyday life and work in Nangi village…

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The return trip from Nangi village to Pokhara was as exciting, if not more so, than the way there. This time, we were facing challenging conditions that recent rains had wreaked —...

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Sustainability Pokhara-Style

This morning we woke up early and were off to the Mountain View Eco Farm outside Pokhara, to meet with director and founder Mr. Bed Raj Paudel and his mother…

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Social & Environmental Pioneers

We had the honor of meeting with and interviewing two social and environmental pioneers in Kathmandu today: Mahabir Pun, a social and environmental pioneer who has brought cutting-edge...

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The most impressive transformations we experienced in Nepal are springing from small, community-based initiatives. We observed these everywhere we went, from the urban centers of Kathmandu...

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