During Expedition 4: South America, the team will travel from Peru all the way to southern Chile, exploring diverse ecosystems as they collaborate with a broad array of individuals and communities along the way. From the Amazon Rainforest to the Atacama Desert to the high mountains of the Patagonia region, they’ll investigate fog harvesting and traditional cultures; test their mettle in the world’s driest desert and learn about how life is sustained there; travel by motorized canoe down one of the greatest rivers on Earth to visit an indigenous rainforest community; and meet with some of the gauchos (cowboys) who raise sheep in the grasslands of Patagonia. They’ll also spend time at schools discussing the unique educational challenges that face the many remote and isolated communities on this spectacular continent.

Explore the Google Earth map or the PDF map below to learn more about the team’s route while in South America.

Map of the Earthducation Expedition 4 South America route.