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North of Sixty°

North of Sixty logoThe story is a powerful tool. It can build bridges between people from vastly different cultures, between scientists and the public, between classrooms and policymakers.

The mission of North of Sixty° is to create a global tapestry of climate stories, weaving together the history and culture of Arctic communities worldwide and preserving the voices and ecological knowledge of generations. Our goal is to collaborate with classrooms in Arctic regions north of 60 degrees latitude, assisting students in the collection and dissemination of these stories. Together, we will:

  • Create a global tapestry of Arctic climate stories
  • Educate the world about the Arctic and climate change through personal lenses even as students share their community with the world
  • Preserve the stories of elders, knowledge keepers, and others
  • Encourage collaboration and community building among students
  • Provide students with an online venue to share and document living history
  • Support and strengthen students’ 21st century skills as they learn new technologies

In capturing and sharing stories from their community, students will contribute not only to a tapestry of world knowledge about the Arctic, but also enhance the scientific knowledge about climate change by sharing the human, or social sciences, impact beyond the scientific data and the known impacts to the natural world.

The project will initially collaborate with a handful of schools representing a cross-section of Arctic regions and cultures. Six schools have been invited to participate in this project initially, and additional schools will be invited down the line.

In addition to an area to upload, share, and comment on project-related stories, the online learning environment will include a project overview; an introduction to each of the schools and communities that have been invited to participate in the project; and an overview of the project team and the forthcoming North of Sixty° expedition. The online environment will be open to the public, who will also be able to view and comment on the shared stories.

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North of Sixty° is supported in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation.




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