Congrats to two new LT PhDs: Dr. Angel Pazurek & Dr. Yang Lin

During fall semester, two LT PhD students, Drs. Angel Pazurek and Yang Lin, successfully defended their dissertations.
Dr. Pazurek’s dissertation, “A Phenomenological Investigation of Online Learners’ Lived Experiences,” was defended at LTML in September 2013 (co-advisors: A. Doering & C. Scharber).
Dr. Lin’s dissertation, “When Microblog Meets Microteaching: A Case Study of Chinese K-12 Pre-service Teachers’ Experiences of Using Microblog in Their Reflective Practice in Microteaching” was defended via Skype (Yang joined us from China!) in December 2013 (advisor: A. Doering).
Congratulations to these two scholars on this crowning accomplishment of their graduate school journeys.