Pazurek presents at International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

Angel Pazurek recently presented her work at the 10th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In her presentation titled “Narrative Visualization of Tentative Manifestations in Post-Intentional Phenomenological Inquiry,” she discussed the use of animated visualizations to conceptualize and communicate philosophical constructs associated with phenomenological research. The philosophies that inform phenomenological methodologies are often difficult to understand through lexical information and historical texts only. In her most recent research, Pazurek is exploring how interactive graphics can be used to compliment narrative text with illustrations in order to promote understanding. She also discussed how visualizations of participant narratives might help researchers interested in employing phenomenological research designs explore complex data in order to visualize while they analyze for meaningful connections revealed in the data and tentative ways the phenomenon under investigation is manifested in lived experiences.