LTML & Austin Public Schools Celebrates 3 Years in Partnership

The LT Media Lab (LTML) and Austin Public Schools (APS) are celebrating three years of partnership. This “research-to-practice” partnership between is sponsored by the Hormel Foundation . LTML and APS have accomplished a lot together, but the true highlight of our work together has been the relationships and collaborations. We have curated a set of pictures highlighting some of our favorite memories thus far. Looking forward to Year 3!
Creating the APS Learning Statements, Spring 2014
SciGirls training with Austin Public Schools and Minneapolis Public Schools Educators, Fall 2014
Leading professional development at Ellis Middle School, Winter 2015
Presenting at the SITE Conference in Vegas, Spring 2015
Leading 15 educators through Austin Code Camp, Summer of 2015
Supporting Neveln Elementary in building its vision and mission, Fall 2015
Presenting at the TIES Conference on our partnership, Fall 2015
Developing district technology essential outcomes for students with APS’s technology integration coaches, Spring 2016
Attending the ISTE conference in Denver, Summer 2016
Leading professional development for district administrators alongside Brave New Workshop, Fall 2016