Aaron Doering to discuss Adventure Learning at AERA 2011

PRESENTATION TITLE: Designing for Learning: Principles to Achieve Transformational Learning

Dr. Aaron Doering advocates for a closer look at the design of online learning environments and how they can be used to improve teaching and learning. Through an approach called Adventure Learning, Doering will showcase how online learning can engage learners at a transformational level through presenting principles that you can use in your educational projects and contexts. Doering will speak about his experiences crossing the circumpolar Arctic over the past five years delivering an online education program to millions of students worldwide. He will also showcase GeoThentic, a collaboration with the National Geographic Society, that aims to engage teachers and students in solving authentic geographical problems by using geospatial technologies. Lastly, Doering will highlight new projects that you can get involved with!

SPEAKER: Dr. Aaron Doering
Dr. Aaron Doering holds the Bonnie Westby-Huebner Endowed Chair of Education and Technology in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota. His research focuses on innovative approaches to designing and developing online learning environments. Doering is also the co-author of the top educational textbook entitled Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching, a Laureate of the prestigious humanitarian Tech Awards, a UMN Institute on the Environment Fellow, and a recipient of millions of dollar in grants. He can be reached at or

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel
Bienville Room