An Overview: The Lay of the Land

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The city of Duluth holds a unique position geographically and its combination of location, topography, geology, climate and of course, geography, stimulates the interest of its visitors. To the geographer, Duluth is a not just a beautiful and welcoming city, but a magnificent point on the globe where the important role of geography is a primadona.

Location- Latitude 46° 48´ North and Longitude 92° 6´ West

This is the tapering point of the world’s largest inland lake- holding about 10% of the world’s fresh water! Where the lake ends is a bay where natural spits and bars make it also one of the world’s most efficient harbors. The St. Louis River empties into this bay, the head of navigation on Lake Superior. This place is roughly the center of the North American continent and the extreme north central of the United States. Duluth is relatively close and accessible to all major points in North America- quite an advantage.

Topographic maps at two scales from