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LT Fall Courses 2013


*NEW* CI 1942
Freshman Seminar: Technology and Society Topic: Social Media and the Changing Nature of Interaction

This online seminar is designed to educate learners about the current impact of social media. A humanitarian perspective will provide the lens by which we will examine the universal utility for social media and explore strategies and measures we can take as individuals and community members to leverage their potential for forming connections and interacting as global citizens. In this seminar we will examine theoretical approaches to understanding, analyzing and participating in social media.


CI 2311W/4311W
Technology & Ethics in Society

Exploration into values and ethical issues related to technology use in education, the workplace, and family and community life.


CI 2312/4312
Sex, Drugs, & the Internet: Educational Perspectives

Critical investigation of current dangers lurking on the Internet, particularly for children, and those which could potentially arise with future developments and innovations.


EDHD 5007
Technology for Teaching and Learning

(* For initial teacher licensure candidates only) EdHD 5007 promotes inquiry through investigating the theoretical foundations and practical strategies for meaningful integration of technology in P-12 teaching and learning.


CI 5301
Foundations of Computer Applications for Business and Education

Instructional uses of computers and representative business, education, and marketing applications, including word processing, databases, spreadsheets, and graphic design.


CI 5325
Designing and Developing Online Distance Learning

Students research, use, and evaluate technologies for distance learning and design their own learning environments.


CI 5331
Introduction to Learning Technologies

This course is designed to prepare you to become knowledgeable and comfortable in the field of learning technologies. Upon completing this course you will understand the history of the LT field; understand what LT is along with the theoretical foundations of the field; be able to discuss the role of LT in education and the workplace; know and understand the major debates and articles of the LT field; and be able to write, communicate, and present your knowledge of the LT field


CI 5336
Planning for Multimedia Design and Development

This course will prepare you to become knowledgeable and comfortable in the multiple approaches to instructional design. Ranging from traditional guided models to contemporary constructivist models, you will investigate, reflect, and participate in all phases of the design process.


CI 5351
Technology Tools for Educators

Develop skills in using selected technology applications to support teaching and learning, including Internet applications, presentation software, multimedia authoring tools, and Web site development.


CI 5361
Teaching and Learning with the Internet

Exploration of pedagogical models as well as the implications and challenges associated with using Internet-based technologies in the classroom.


CI 5362
Foundations of Interactive Design for Web-based Learning

This course examines the processes of designing and developing interactive learning media and online applications that are meaningful, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing to learners. HTML, CSS, raster, and vector design software suites are explored.


CI 5365
Contemporary Software Development Issues and Tools

Designing with the Apple iOS SDK for mobile learning. This course will be similar to a design studio, intended for all levels of experience from beginning designers who have little to no familiarity with the iPhone and iPad environments, to seasoned developers looking to ignite a fresh perspective on design.


CI 5390
Learning Technologies Field Experiences

Student teaching practicum in computer skills and concepts.


CI 8350
Readings and Research in LT

This course supports LT doctoral students in critically reading and discussing contemporary research and theory to expand understanding of the LT field. This course provides an up-to-date orientation to the field of LT as well as an in depth study in a range of topics current to LT.