Earthducation Team

Partners and Sponsors

Earthducation would not be possible without the generous support of its sponsors.These individuals, organizations, and businesses have generously contributed to this project, and we are proud to be working with them.

Thank you! Merci beaucoup! Takk! Thoji Che!


Institute on the Environment

Today's environmental challenges can't be solved with business-as-usual thinking. That's why the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment (IonE) is taking a new approach. Our mission is to discover solutions to Earth's biggest problems through cutting-edge research, partnerships and leadership development.

IonE is the primary funding partner for the Earthducation Expedition series. Earthducation is an IonE Discovery Grant recipient. Without IonE's financial support, this project would not be possible. Thank you, IonE!

Learning Technologies Media Lab

The mission of the LTML is to inspire and create opportunities for global collaboration in addressing humanity's most pressing educational, social, and environmental issues by designing and evaluating innovative technology-mediated solutions for learners, educators, researchers, and organizations around the world.

LTML provides the design and development of Earthducation's website and all its associated media, people-power, and research expertise to make this project a reality. LTML's talented team and "let's change the world" approach provides Earthducation with its creativity, adrenaline, and world-class touch.


Smith Optics

Smith Optics is a leader in premium sunglasses for the active lifestyle and is the exclusive eyewear partner for Earthducation. In addition, Smith Optics is innovating for a greener product and brighter tomorrow with zero performance sacrifice in their new Evolve line, which is featured on Earthducation Expedition 2. Check out the Smiths we used in each expedition:

Sunglasses Swindler Glasses by Smith Optics Interlock Spoiler Glasses by Smith Optics Earthducation Expedition 1 Rosewood Glasses by Smith Optics

Smith Optics

Designing a great tent is one thing, but manufacturing it is another. If the design cannot be consistently constructed with superior quality, then the greatness of the design is irrelevant. It is precisely for this reason that Hilleberg the Tentmaker demands complete and rigorous quality control from its manufacturing. It is also why they own and operate their own factory in Estonia, something that gives them full quality oversight, and also lets them instantly adopt any design improvement they create.

Hilleberg Keron 4 GT All Season Tunnel Tent

Sherpa Adventure Gear

Sherpa Adventure Gear honors those who do so much for so little. Each Sherpa Brand ambassador is paid a royalty based on sales, and a donation is made for every product sold to a special fund for the underprivileged Sherpa children of Nepal. Learn more about this amazing company at

Sherpa adventure gear Sherpa thermal 2.5 layer jacket. Sherpa sonam quarter zip Sherpa gyalzen pant Sherpa saba-tek pant

Fenix Lighting

Fenix LED Flashlights manufactures high-quality LED flashlights for home, personal, outdoor and tactical use. Their LED flashlights come in a variety of power levels and sizes—from keychain flashlights to tactical LED flashlights—ensuring you have the brightest flashlight available for your specific lighting needs.

Fenix lights Fenix TK45 tactical LED flashlight Fenix HP10 LED headlamp Fenix MC11 LED flashlight

Partners + Sponsors

Institute On The Environment National Geographic Education Smith Optics Hilleberg, The Tent Maker Sherpa Adventure Gear Fenix Lighting LT Media Lab