Location: Pokhara, Nepal
Lat/Long: 28° 15′ 50″ N / 83° 58′ 20″ E
Weather Conditions: 74F (23C) Rain


Charlie Miller

You wouldn’t normally think 74 miles (119 km) by car would make for a daylong trip. Unless you are driving down a mountain in Nepal, that is! The return trip from Nangi village to Pokhara was as exciting, if not more so, than the way there. This time, we were facing challenging conditions that recent rains had wreaked — turning the steep clay road into a slide. As the Bolero slid and danced down the deeply rutted roadway, Aaron, Chitra, Matthew, and Charlie decided to bail out of the truck and walk until the vehicle was on firmer foundation. Once it was, we climbed back aboard and the Bolero continued its crawl down the mountain to the community of Beni.

We enjoyed a quick lunch in Beni and then were off to Pokhara, the third largest city in Nepal. With a population of about 265,000, Pokhara is a popular tourist destination as three of the ten highest mountains in the world — Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manaslu — are within 30 miles of the city. It offers a spectacular view of the high Himalayas and serves as a gateway for many climbers and adventurers.

Driving into Pokahara was like a chess game between drivers, cows, and pedestrians. Interestingly, there is a unique language between drivers, who use horns and lights to note when vehicles should or should not pass each other, or to alert others when a vehicle is coming around a corner. It is thus never a relaxing ride, as the air seems always filled with car horns, but the stress of the road is eased somewhat by the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Tomorrow we are up early and off to visit a farm outside the city and spend time interviewing local residents. Stay tuned for more Earthducation!



A woman cooks a traditional Nangi dinner over a wood stove in her home.
Morning in Nangi overlooking the Dhauligiri range.
A young girl and her mother who will be riding in the Bolero with us down the mountain.

We are packed and ready to head down the mountain from Nangi to Beni.
Sheer cliffs on the road down the mountain from Nangi to Beni.
Matthew and Charlie shooting footage of the Dhaulagiri Range.

The Dhaulagiri Range as seen from the road to Beni.
A man walks along the road to Beni.
Our driver's assistant rides on top the entire way down the mountain.

Mudslides and ruts on the road down the mountain.
Our Bolero driving down the mountain from Nangi.
The extreme road down the mountain from Nangi to Beni.

A young girl and her mother ride in the back of the Bolero.
Our driver, Buddha, washing off the Bolero after the trip down the mountain.
Young girl washing her hair and dishes along the road to Beni.

Arriving in Beni.
Aaron, Chitra Pun (our interpreter in Nangi), and Charlie in Beni.
Carrying crops along the road to Pokhara.

Arriving in Pokhara after 9 hours of travel from Nangi.

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