Daily Life


Location: Nangi Village, Nepal
Lat/Long: 28° 22′ 15″ N / 83° 38′ 22″ E
Weather Conditions: 73F (23C) Periodic Storms
En route to Nangi, Nepal


Aaron Doering

The thunderstorm that rolled through the valley last night took out our electricity and thus, it was a night of working by candlelight and the portable battery and satellite systems. We were able to finish the first full update and send everything to Education Basecamp.

This morning we woke to snow-covered peaks of the Dhaulagiri range rising from the clouds as prayer flags snapped in the wind. We skipped breakfast to trek to a home where four women were making Raksi, a type of wine they sell to adjacent villages to pay for their jam-making project, which they sell to trekkers that come through the valley.

Next, we were able to sit down with Chitra Pun, who has worked closely with Mahabir Pun over the past years to bring sustainability practices to Nangi. Chitra’s insight on the importance of education and the close relationship to sustainability will be included in our next full update and should not be missed.

The day ended with an incredibly special experience. We hiked to a local farm and were able to spend time with the farm family as they worked the fields with oxen. We spoke with the farmer about his practices and what education means to him and his way of life. Then a neighbor invited us in during (yet another) rainstorm. We were honored to be able to interview the mother of the household. We look forward to sharing the entire story with video soon!


Charlie, Aaron, and Matthew working on the first full expedition update.
Aaron setting up the BGAN to send the first full update.
Women making Raksi wine in the early morning in Nangi.

Boiling water to make Raksi wine.
Copper pots used for boiling Raksi wine.
Transferring water to boil and make Raksi wine from millet.

Nangi village woman with Raksi wine brewing in her home.
Nangi village woman making Raksi wine from millet.
Aaron and Charlie with women making Raksi wine.

Mountain flowers outside a home in Nangi.
Sewing at home in the early morning in Nangi.
Sewing and making wine in the village of Nangi.

Kitten playing with the yarn.
Cell service is available in Nangi thanks to pioneering technology work being done by the Nepal Wireless Project in remote villages here.
Pok Maya, cook and caretaker at the Nangi Community Lodge.

Chitra Pun, our interpreter in Nangi.
A farmer harvesting barley in Nangi.
A teen taking shelter from the rain.

Farmers using oxen to spade and seed the field.
In Nangi the entire family helps out with the children.
Keshari Sherpunja, a Nangi farmer, using oxen to spade and seed his field.

Children watching as their parents seed the field.
A farmer working the fields in Nangi.
Oxen are used to plow the field for corn seed to be planted.

Plowing and seeding the field.
Planting potatoes.
Chitra and Aaron take shelter from the rain and hail.

Mother and daughter.
A teen girl in her bedroom at her family's farmhouse in Nangi.
Kesh Bahadar Purja in her farmouse before our interview.

Aaron interviewing Kesh Bahadar Purja as Matthew captures video.
Kesh Bahadur Purja being interviewed in her farmhouse.
Kesh Bahadur Purja's farmhouse.

A goat on the farmhouse porch.
A young teen girl rocks a baby inside the basket as her parents work.
A basketball hoop and court made by kids in Nangi.

Village messenger in Nangi.

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