Into the mountains


Location: Nangi Village, Nepal
Lat/Long: 28° 22′ 15″ N / 83° 38′ 22″ E
Weather Conditions: 71F (22C) Clear
En route to Nangi, Nepal


Aaron Doering

Our goal today was to make it to Nangi village, and the Community Lodge of the Himanchal Education Foundation. We knew it was going to be a long day of travel, but nothing as it turned out to be. We departed Kathmandu to fly to Pokhara at 8:30 AM — a quick 25 minute flight. Arriving in Pokhara was a completely different feeling than Kathmandu. To us, it was much quieter, with a quaintness that was shared throughout the city. We will be able to share a better perspective on Pokhara upon our return there in a few days, as we immediately took a taxi for three hours, driving 50 miles to the village of Beni. Once in Beni, we met our interpreter, Chitra, who helped us load up the Mohindra Bolera, a Jeep-like vehicle that would carry us 21 miles over 6 hours, yes 6 hours, switch-backing up the side of the mountain to the beautiful village of Nangi. We will be bringing you complete details in the upcoming full update, but for now, we are looking forward to visiting the school and talking with community members tomorrow!


Loaded up and en route to Beni. Our first car vas very small.
Stopped for tea and bread at a local shop en route to Beni.
120-meter high foot bridge passing over a river

A village home en route to Beni
Two women carrying their clean clothes after washing in the river
Arriving in Beni

The streets of Beni
Switched to a Bolero for the rough road up the mountain to Nangi
A village family along the road to Nangi

Single lane switchbacks all the way to Nangi village
Kids alongside the road to Nangi village
Farming near the road to Nangi village

Amazing terrace farming as seen from the road to Nangi
A village family along the road to Nangi
Unloading the Bolero - we are in Nangi village!

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