Balancing Act


Location: Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Lat/Long: 51° 06′ 59″ S / 72° 59′ 32″ W
Weather Conditions: 44F (7C) Windy


Charlie Miller

Our final day in Torres del Paine, and it was a beautiful one, spent exploring more of the phenomenal landscape, as well as conducting numerous interviews. A recurring theme we’ve heard expressed in our interviews here is a call for balance in the tourism industry. For example, many who work in the industry feel the government should set limits to the number of travelers visiting this area at any given time, to limit the impact that tourism is beginning to have on the natural environment. Listen as Charlie describes more about the interviews of the day, and the challenging but exhilarating horseback ride the team experienced galloping across the grasslands in the shadows of mountains.


Lues Matta, Explora guide, during an interview with Charlie.
Early morning view of the Spires in Torres del Paine National Park.
Charlie waiting while the horses are prepared for our ride.

A visiting gaucho from Santiago who had trained the new horses we were riding.
Aaron crossing the Serrano River on horseback.
The gaucho life.

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