A Glacial Hike


Location: Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Lat/Long: 51° 06′ 59″ S / 72° 59′ 32″ W
Weather Conditions: 48F (9C) Mostly Cloudy


Aaron Doering

Today we hiked for five hours in torrential rain and wind through the mountains and then boarded a boat to travel out to view Grey Glacier. Listen to Aaron describe the incredible events of the day, and then read why some researchers call Patagonia a “poster child” for rapidly changing glacier systems, and why studying glaciers here could be key to learning how glacier melt cycles work and how they may be impacted by climate change.


The Explora catamaran that dropped us at the Pehoe Refuge.
Charlie and Aaron with Grey Glacier in the background.
Charlie beginning the descent toward Grey Glacier.

Aaron hiking enroute to Grey Glacier.
The shuttle out to the glacier tour boat.
The Chilean flag flies proudly, despite being slightly tattered.

Grey Glacier
Aaron and Charlie onboard the glacier boat.

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