Wild Things


Location: Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Lat/Long: 51° 06′ 59″ S / 72° 59′ 32″ W
Weather Conditions: 43F (6C) Clear


Charlie Miller

An incredible day spent exploring parts of Torres del Paine and interviewing one of the local gauchos as well as some of the guides that take tourists out into the park. They shared some unique perspectives on education and sustainability. We were able to participate in a horseback ride in the morning, and then a hike in the afternoon, both of which gave us a great introduction to the land and some of the wildlife in the region. Listen to Charlie share details about the many exciting events of the day, including the story of a recent fire that destroyed a large area of parkland and almost destroyed the hotel where we are staying.


Charlie and Aaron getting geared up for the horseback ride.
Aaron and Charlie with our gaucho back at the stables after our ride.
Mid-day view down the boardwalk at Explora Salto Chico.

A parrot hangs out amongst the charred remains of the forested area in Torres del Paine that burned less than a year ago.
Reforestation efforts underway along the hill towards Condor Lookout.
Charlie atop Condor Lookout.

A condor sweeping past overhead during our descent from Condor Lookout.
Interview with Mariele, our guide for the trek up to Condor Lookout.

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