An Incredible Homestay


Location: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Lat/Long: 22° 54′ 39″ S / 68° 11′ 59″ W
Weather Conditions: 54F (12C) Sunny
Atacama Desert.


Charlie Miller

Today unbelievably marks the end of our first full week here in South America. We were fortunate to be able to stay at the home of a local family last night, Juan Pedro Lopez-Piña and Meybol Garcia, and thank them sincerely for opening their home to us. They live about an hour outside San Pedro de Atacama, are responsible for their own electricity and water, and shared some great stories with us about their lives and this region of the world. We’ll include video from our interviews with them in our next full update tomorrow. In addition to our visit with Pedro and Meybol, we were able to explore several sites around San Pedro de Atacama today, including the Salt range, Death Valley, and a cave system near the Valley of the Moon. We’re amazed at how many sites and communities we’ve been able to visit in this first week, and again thank everyone who has taken the time to meet with us for their time and for sharing their perspectives on education and sustainability.


Arriving at our homestay in Catarbe Canyon.
Juan Pedro Lopez-Piña, a local guide originally from Spain.
Sunrise in the Catarbe Canyon.

Rodrigo, our Chilean guide, showing us Cuevas de Sal.
Aaron climbing out from the Salt Cave in the Valley of the Moon.
Awaiting sunset at Piedre de Coyote, Chile.

A tourist walks along a path at Piedra del Coyote.
Aaron at Peidra del Coyote for sunset after a long day.

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