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Location: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Lat/Long: 22° 54′ 39″ S / 68° 11′ 59″ W
Weather Conditions: 79F (26C) Sunny
Salar de Atacama


Aaron Doering

Today we traveled to the Salar de Atacama (the Atacama salt lake) and visited some small communities in the region surrounding San Pedro de Atacama, including Toconao, Socaire, and Miscanti Lagoon. Within these communities we had the opportunity to interview some amazing individuals who shared some beautiful narratives about their lives and their perspectives on education and sustainability. These individuals included a weaver named Luisa Zuleta, a sheepherder named Belarmina Plaza, and a young park ranger named Leda Plaza. Listen to the full audio update to hear more about these three women and life in this region that has not seen rain in more than five years.


Interview with Ricardo, a construction worker from southern Chile.
A llama blocks the road on the way to Toconao.
Aaron taking photos of the canyon in Toconao.

Charlie interviewing Luisa Zuleta, an artisan in Toconao.
Luisa Zuleta working on a manual wool weave in her shop in Socaire, Chile.
Aaron and Charlie walking in the Atacama Desert.

Goats and sheep eating during our interview with Belarmina Plaza.
Belarmina Plaza, a sheepherder in Toconoa, Chile.
Miscanti Lagoon in Chile.

Justin and Aaron interviewing Leda Plaza, ranger at the Miscanti Lagoon.

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