The Driest Place on Earth


Location: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Lat/Long: 22° 54′ 39″ S / 68° 11′ 59″ W
Weather Conditions: 52F (11C) Sunny
On the Amazon.


Charlie Miller

We reached the Atacama Desert today after a long night of travel from Lima to Santiago and then on to Calama and finally San Pedro de Atacama. The landscape here is captivating and unlike anything we’ve experienced before (see tweets from @chasingseals (Aaron) and @design2research (Charlie) that captured images of the Atacama from the air). In San Pedro, we visited the Linkan Antai School, where we had the opportunity to interview several teachers and a student. Listen to the full audio update to hear some of the insightful thoughts they shared with us regarding education and sustainability in this desert land known as the driest place on Earth. Tomorrow we head to Salar de Atacama, the largest salt flat in Chile, which is located about 34 miles (55 km) south of San Pedro.


Grave near the roadside in the Atacama Desert.
Rodrigo, our guide in San Pedro de Atacama, explaining our current location.
Rodrigo dicussing the Atacama Desert with Aaron and Charlie.

Aaron and Rodrigo walking through the market in San Pedro de Atacama.
The streets of San Pedro de Atacama.
Charlie interviewing Gabriella Rodriguez, professora of tourism at Linkan Antai school.

Aaron interviewing Geranimo, a student at Linkan Antai school.
Aaron interviewing Guillermo Gallardo, agriculture teacher at Linkan Antai school.
Guillermo Gallardo, professor of agriculture at Linkan Antai school.

The streets of San Pedro de Atacama at night.

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