An Unforgettable Visit to San Rafael


Location: Pucallpa, Peru
Lat/Long: 8° 22′ 60″ S / 74° 32′ 60″ W
Weather Conditions: 78F (26C) Mostly Cloudy
On the Amazon.


Aaron Doering

A very full day visiting and talking with the community of San Rafael, Peru, within the Amazon. We were welcomed by the entire community, and spent the day visiting the local school, speaking with the leader of the village, interviewing a farmer and some fishermen, and learning about the village and community. An especially touching moment was when we were invited to visit a man within the village who is injured but who has been unable to get the care he needs. Listen to the audio update for the full story of the day, truly an amazing and humbling day and we thank the people of San Rafael for inviting us into their community and sharing their stories with us.


Fernando Guimares Pinedo, the 'boss' of San Rafael.
Aaron interviewing a fisherman in San Rafael.
Net fishing for piranha in a tributary off the Amazon near San Rafael.

A group of kids cooling off and having fun in the river near San Rafael.
Aaron, Charlie, and Juan pose with some of the school children of San Rafael.
Adelia, a school teacher in San Rafael, after being interviewed.

Professora Adelia watching over a young student practicing writing.
Aaron interviewing Marwin, a local farmer in San Rafael village.
Children eating breakfast in the village of San Rafael.

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